September 26, 2017

Dons Fund

THANK YOU to these 2017-2018 Dons Fund Supporters!!

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Marcia Brelsford
Michelle and Greg Gaitan
Katie and Todd Jacobs
Carrie and Michael Randolph
Morgan Stanley
Santa Babara Endurance Run/Rob Gilcrest 

*We do our best to maintain an accurate list, but if we have made a mistake or an omission, please let us know!

DONS FUND donations benefit EVERY student on campus!

When you invest in the DONS FUND, you are putting your money into critical projects and programs that benefit all SBHS students. Each year, the Foundation works closely with Principal Becchio and school staff to determine where your much appreciated donations should go.

Some of the projects funding in the past and present include:

  • $30,000 Additional staffing in the College and Career Center: The Dons Fund pays for staff to provide expanded college counseling services, assistance with the college application process, and help with career and job seeking skills. We are the only District high school with credentialed staff in our CCC!
  • $20,000 – Professional Development/Summer workshop for SBHS Teachers: For three years in a row, the DONS FUND has paid for teachers to work with their Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) on engaging curriculum and lessons for your student. This work is overseen by school admin and helps our teachers further their professional skills.
  • $15,000 – Science Lab Materials: For the past four years, the DONS FUND has paid for lab materials and equipment for physics, chemistry, biology, and environmental science labs. This helps teachers bring science to life for our students, with real experiments and demonstrations.
  • $50,000 – Restorative Approaches: With the help of a local foundation, the DONS FUND paid for two years of support to implement restorative approaches on campus. During those years we saw a dramatic reduction in the number of suspensions on campus
  • Technology Support: The Dons Fund pays to have the school’s one technology support staff person work year round to maintain school computers and equipment.
  • Agendas for 9th graders: For three years running, the Dons Fund has paid for agendas for all incoming 9th grade students to help them become Professional Dons and keep them on track for the whole year.
  • Student support: Implemented by the Academy of Healing Arts (AHA!), the Social and Emotional Learning program helps students communicate, cooperate, and lead effectively.  This program is offered to all incoming 9th graders in Freshmen Seminar and sets the tone for the school’s expectations of thinking and behavior.
  • $6,000 – School Culture: The DONS FUND provides creative thank yous, rewards, and incentives for teachers and students who go the extra mile.

For more information about any of these projects please call us at 805-966-9101 5225 or email