February 18, 2018

Dons Fund Supporters

THANK YOU to these 2017-2018 Dons Fund Supporters!!

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Julie and Wade Allmon
Lynn and Wayne Ashcraft
Peter Baay
The Babcock Family
Marsha and Stephen Barr
Cornelia Alsheimer Barthel
Robyn and Michael Bartling
Shannon Beaudette
John and Susan Becchio
Darrell and Kirsten Becker
The Benhayon Family
Dave and Tracy Bettles
The Birch Family
Christopher and Kim Blair
John and Vicki Blondell IHO Dorothy Stanley Blondell
Jay and Jamie Borgeson
Karen Boris
Meredith and Billy Brace IHO All SBHS Students
Angela Moloney and Stuart Braverman
Marcia Brelsford
Melanie and James Brewer
Annabelle and Peter Brownell
Willy and Jennifer Brummett
Andrea Sternad Buice IMO Margie Booth Dickerson
Jessica Cadiente
Jen and Gary Caesar
Natasha and Steve Campbell
John Campilio IHO The Class of 1953
Dave and Kim Cantin
Mark Capritto
Valerie and Mark Carney
David and Nicole Catalfimo
Cobe Chatwood IHO RJ and Will Goligoski
Richard Chung and Rosa Choi
Paul and Kathie Cisek
Linda and Tom Cole
David Copp
William Cordero, Jr.
Mark and Shannon Crane Flores
Paul and Renee Crawford
Tony and Stacy Crenshaw
Roy E Crummer Foundation
Sheila and Thomas Cullen
Dave and Christine Dawson
Kathryn and Pete deBruynKops
Paul and Ann deBruynKops
Jim and Dagny Dehlsen
Cecil and Katherine deMille
The Dobberteen Family
Scott and Twila Douglas
Laura Drammer
Margaret and Danny Echt
Bill and Heather Ekeler
Dan and Caroline Encell
Danna English
Monique Epley
Lisa and Mark Fell
Diane and Rick Figueroa
Nancy Fiore
Michelle and Rob Foster
Maria Franzen
Michelle and Greg Gaitan
Adrian and Joanne Garcia
Beth and Dodd Geiger
Brian and Rebecca Goebel
Bob Goligoski IHO RJ and Will Goligoski
Erin and Bryan Goligoski
Dave and Lauren Goss Family IHO Lizzie Goss
Karen Grandle-Greenwald
Bob & Tricia Guilfoyle
Susan Jones Gundlach
The Hagen Family
Doug and Sherryl Harlow
Emily Heckman
Richard McMullen and Julie Hemingway
Fred Hepp and Jill Petersen
Cleo and Sol Hill
Earl Hill
Erika Hill
Bruce and Claudia Hogan
Chris Henry and Barry Hollis
Michael and Victoria Imperioli
Todd and Katie Jacobs
Andy Erickson and Felicia Kashevaroff
Jordan and Heather Kear
Mike and Pat Kelley
Nicole Knecht
Dr. Brian and Robin Kopeikin
Darla Kot
Anabel Lapointe
Phil Laris IHO Ben Zevallos
Tammy LeMelle
Winifred and Daniel Lender
Erika Lindemann
Lynn Shoemaker and Arthur Ludwig
Francie and Peter Lufkin
Allison and Jacques Marcillac
Steve and Maria Marzicola
Suzanne McCafferty
Doug and Andrea McFarling
The McGibben Family
Skye McGinnes
The Mehr-Silvern Family
Sande Mia
Hans and Ginny Miller
Rebecca Miller
Morgan Stanley
Mosher Foundation
Dr Miklós Muller IHO Timothy and Adriane Stickles
Robyn and Jason O’Hearn
The O’Keefe Family
Scott and Lori Onishuk
Connie Orud
Mazy and Lori Ostovany
Renee and Nick Papadopoulos
Michelle Pasini
Namita Patel
Donald J. Patterson
The Pendergast Family IHO Spencer Barr
Lizzie and Brent Peus
Ann and Dante Pieramici
Dr. Mark and Laura Pomerantz
Lisa Carlos and Brett Queener
Everardo Ramirez IHO All SBHS students
Michael and Carrie Randolph
Bruce Reichard
Brent and Charlotte Roach
Betsy Lester Roberti
Carole Rollins and Chris Roderick
Kathleen Rogers
The Rosenberg Family
Steve Roth
Tim and Missy Ryan
John and Kelly Samuels
SB Education Foundation
Santa Barbara Endurance Run / Robert Gilcrest
Dale L Schlafer IHO Leah and Anna Martin
The Schmidt Family
Katia Seabra
The Seigel Family
Tami and Mark Sherman
Jo and Mark Shields
Angela and Ryan Siemens ’84
Amy Spencer IHO Lily Spencer
John and Debra Stein IHO Derek Stein
Carol Sacks and Matthew Stotts
Rosette Strandberg
Mara Sweeney
Cheryl and Dave Tedesco
Texas Instruments Foundation
Kim and Michael Thomas
Amy Travis
Steven and Connie Trider
Ann and Niva Tro
Ramsey Harris and Millie Turner IHO Spencer Barr
Chris Ulep
United Way
Gabriella Frederick and Barney Valeska
Tony and Nancy Wall IHO Charlotte & Madeleine Wall
Peter and Medeighnia Westwick
John White
The Willfong-Singh Family
William Corbett Foundation
Julie and John Williams
Amy and Drew Wright
Kristin Wright
Valerie N. Yoshimura, Ph.D.
Tim and Nicole Young
Said and Laura Ziouani
The Zuchowicz Family

*We do our best to maintain an accurate list, but if we have made a mistake or an omission, please let us know!_______________________