October 18, 2017

Donor Recognition

SBHS Home of the Dons

Thank You Donors!

Thanks to LITO’s on Haley for donating lunch for our Leadership team of teachers in November!

We apologize for any mistakes in our donor wall. Please let us know of any corrections or omissions.

Laurie Bacon and Wayne Adams, Eliana Vergara and Juan Alayza, Rosa and Michael Alvarado,  America’s Charities, Kip Anderson, Sandra Anguiano, Alex Carter, Jim and Debbie Arnesen, Laurie Greene and Ray Aronson, Tracey Artiss, Ali and Charles Banks, Matt Barnett, Marsha and Stephen Barr, Jeff and Nancy Barry, Gregory Bartholomew, Victor and Barbara Bartolome, Dina Barton, David Barton, Sharon and Mark Basham, David Baum, Kimi Beaven, Byron and Robin Beck, Nick and Lisa Beeson, Dan and Jennifer LeMert Beightol, Gloria Cavallero and Bruce Belfiore, Lissie Bellido, Wayne Benhayon, Matt and Denise Benko, Marcus Bird, Warren Bitters, John Blair, Christian and Melissa Bonillo, Blanca Bordas, Kathryn Brewer, John and Laura Bridley, Mark Brisby, Jacqueline Klein-Brown, Willy and Jennifer Brummett, Grace Morse Brunton, Andrea and Richard Buice, Nancy Bullock, Daniel and Nancy Burgner, Tracy Burnell, Steve and Natasha Campbell, John Campilio, Jack and Inga Canfield, Paul and Julie Capritto, Chris Caretto, Mary McMaster and Paul Casey, Julian Castillo, Suzy Cawthon, Diane Chandler, Dave Chandler, George and Anna Chong, Rosa Choi and Richard Chung, Paul and Kathie Cisek, Bridget Clancy, Thomas and Barbara Collinson, Debbie Colton,  Anonymous, Kate Connell, Mary Anne Contreras, Michael and Marni Cooney, Carmen and Alberto Corral, Rodolfo Corrales, Brian and Rosario Coryat, Craig and Jean Costigan, Jim Cote, Shiela Cullen, Phil Cusimano, Michael and Denise Cutbirth, Michele and Bill Cuttler, Sylvia Botero and Norman Cuttler,Peter and Janine Dallow, Jeff Davis, Scott and Leslie Deardorff, Peter DeBruynkops, Sam and Carole Anne Demachkie, Jeffrey and Josie Devine, Todd and Liz Dewell, Dawn and Steve Dunn, Kelly and Paul Egan, Claudia Knudson and Dean Ehler, Jon and Gayle Eidelson, Gail and Barry Fanaro, Barry Fay, Joshua Feuer, Debbie Fisher, Allan and Karen Folsom, Doug Ford, Eldon Ford, Daniel Fox, Monte Fraker, Ruth E. Franklin, Barbara Freistuhler, Christopher and Diane Gabriel, Christopher and Diane Gabriel, Michelle and Greg Gaitan, William Gallivan, Dodd and Beth Geiger, Jesus and Maria Gil, Jeff and Yvette Giller, Bruce Glesby, Melinda Goddard, Steve Goggia, Eli Goldsmith, Victor Gomez, John and Barbara Gordon, Spencer and Joanne Gordon, Martin Gore,
David Goss, Scott and Kimberly Grafton, Ric and Laura Grandcolas, Geoff and Annette Grant, Karen Grant, Gregory and Francine Graves, Sharon Green, Molly Green, Christina Guitierrez, Angelique and Randy Gulden, Steven and Jaime Gumins, Adrian and Rhonda GutierrezSven and Kathy Hagen, Jeff Harb, Thomas Harding, Kurt and Julie Hayden, Julie Henderson, Wendy and Fredrik Hendrix, Lourdes Hensley, Geof and Marta Henson, Jorge Luis and Cleotilde Hererra,  Herrell Family, Monica Kunz and Paul Hewitt, Marla and Mike Hieshima, Cliff Hirschberg, Laurel Lyle and David Hodges, Joie McKay and Ken Hough, Bill and Cindy Howard, Susan Humbel, Alisa Hummer, Patti Hunter, Ellen and John Hunter, Francesca Hunter, Jill Hurd, John and Ilse Hutchinson, Mark and Luisa Hyatt, Doug Imperato, Mark and Sunny Ingalls, Susan and Brad Iwanaga, Lee and Craig Jaffurs, Brad and Teresa Jellison, Berkeley and Karen Johnson, Jeffrey Jones, Stephanie Jons, Janet Pickthorn and Darol Joseff,  JST, Samuel Kaiser, Dianna Keough, Yun Kim, Jeff  and Kathryn King, Jeff and Kristi King, Normary Barrett and Byron Kobayashi, Cetin and Laurie Koc, Nancy and Linos Kogevinas, John and Teresa Kootz, Paul and Ginny Kuhn, Ann Kale and Bob Kupiec, Ashley Lamberti, Edith Ramirez and Jesus Laredo, Katie Laris, Philip Laris, Kathleen and Robert Laurain, Dede Lavas, Lynne Lawrence-Fidel, Rob and Laura Leighty, Michael and Fran Lewbel, Valerie Froscher and Kirk Lewis, Gary Linker, Laura and Michael Lodato, Lisa Loiacono, Kristin and Bill Loomis, Jacqueline Loomis, Anonymous, Jay and Annette Makwana, Yolanda Marks, Ginger Salazar and Brett Matthews, Holliday and John McManigal, Kevin and Christine McTague, Dan and Mari Mender, Jody and Ben Miller, Milton and Mary Miller, Thomas and Janet Minehan, Terri Minshull, Andrew and Kathy Mirkin, Greg Moloshco, Shawn Montgomery, Rachel and John Moore, Mac McNeel and Doug Moore, Elaine Alberto and Alessio Morello, Maria Morgan, Roberta Morris, Cecilia Morton, Mark and Cathy Moseley, Lori Murray,  National Instruments, Jennifer Nelson, Mark and Pauline Nelson, Anne and Doug Newman,  Nuveen Investments, Jason and Judith Oatis, Jason and Judith Oatis, Eve Ortiz, Eve Ortiz, Eve Ortiz, Marcy and John Oswald,  Outhwaite Charitable Trust, Susan and Steve Owens,
Maria Pantoja, Alice Scharper and Christopher Park, Ida and Perry Parker, Katherine and Ian Parker, Charles and Annetta Patrick, Cord and Caroline Pereira, Gary and Laurie Pitney, Katya Armistead and Tim Pritchard, Irene Revenko and Roger Proksch, Ron Pulice, David Quenzer, David and Lisa Raphael, Arthur and Valerie Rice, Brent and Charlotte Roach, Scott and Lynn Robinson, Kimiko Robinson, Jeff Rodnick, Miguel and Olivia Rodriguez, Isabel Rojas, Elissa and Jeffrey Ross, Randy and Janet Rowse, Randy and Janet Rowse,  Roy E. Crummer Foundation, Keith and Heather Crummer, Amy and David Saldamando, Alyson Nethery and Thomas Salman, Ken and Jo Saxon, Brian and Kathi Scarminach, Jessica Schaeman, Jim and Christan Scheib, Lee and John Scheuermann, Brett Schott, Lisa Stratton and Peter Schuyler, Gordon Seabury, John and Kristi Sestak, David and Julie Siegel, Michael and Heidi Sjollema, Dale Zurawski and Geoff Slaff, Ken and Elizabeth Slaught, Stephanie Hanson and Steve Sneddon, Mark Sonnino, Patricia and Bill Stark, Terri Stelzer, Judi Muller and Les Stickles, Christina and Martin Stokes, Bob and Meghan Stoll, Heidi Bergseteren and Paul Strange, Shawn Stussy, Robert Stuva, Susan Suarez, Jennifer Ellison or Gail Suttner, Teresa Ortega and Brian Tanguay, Melissa Alvarez and Daniel Tarr, Greg and Daphne Tebbe, Nicolas and Helen Teng,  The Trailmaster Inc., Kevin and Beth Thornton, Thomas and Carrie Tighe, Robert and Sandra Tmur, Rosemary Torres, Ann and Niva Tro, Vincent and Nancy Smith Tubiolo, Dan and Maya Upton, Jennifer Van Donge, Richard Vermeulen, Cheryl and Peter Wagonhurst, Tony and Nancy Wall, Barry and Moon Waters, Greg and Sandi Weeks, Vibeke and Joe Weiland, Timothy and Melinda Werner, Dale Whitney,  Anonymous, Michael and Alexandra Wilson, Laura and Stuart Wilson, Linda Saccoccio and Barry Winick, David and Kara Woods, Su Wyatt, John Yates, Howard and Kathleen Zisser, Walter and Angela ZungriQuarter
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