January 22, 2018

Board of Directors

The Foundation for Santa Barbara High School is governed by a Board of Directors, which is made up of parents, alumni, teachers, and administrators. The Board fully underwrites the operations of the foundation, so 100% of contributions made by donors go to SBHS.

2016/17 Board of Directors

  • Kate Murphy, President
  • John Becchio, Principal (non-voting member)
  • Lisa Carlos
  • Dave Dawson
  • Kathryn deBruynKops, PTSA Liaison (non-voting member)
  • Heather Ekeler
  • Erin Goligoski
  • Katie Jacobs
  • Winifred Lender
  • Francie Lufkin, Treasurer
  • Darren Osti
  • Lizzie Peus, Vice President
  • Ann Pieramici
  • Matt Stockton, Assistant Principal (non-voting member)
  • Greg Tebbe
  • Kim Thomas
  • Medeighnia Westwick
  • Tim Putz, SBHS Alumni Assn Liaison (non-voting member)
  • Laura Ziouani

If you need to contact any board member, please email info@foundationforsbhs.org.