May 28, 2017

Board of Directors

The Foundation for Santa Barbara High School is governed by a Board of Directors, which is made up of parents, alumni, teachers, and administrators. The Board fully underwrites the operations of the foundation, so 100% of contributions made by donors go to SBHS.

2016/17 Board of Directors

  • Lizzie Peus, President
  • John Becchio, Principal (non-voting member)
  • Tiffany Carson, Assistant Principal (non-voting member)
  • Heather Ekeler
  • Erin Goligoski
  • Winifred Lender
  • Francie Lufkin, Treasurer
  • Allison Marcillac
  • Kate Murphy, Vice President
  • Jill Peterson (PTSA Liaison)
  • Greg Tebbe
  • Medeighnia Westwick
  • Laura Wilson (SBHS Alumni Assn Liaison)
  • Laura Ziouani

If you need to contact any board member, please email

The Foundation would also like to recognize our Past Directors Council, individuals who have shown outstanding leadership and service to SBHS and previously served on the Foundation’s Board:

Past Director’s Council

  • Mark Capritto
  • Suzy Cawthon
  • Wayne Cole
  • Ann Crowe
  • Michele Cuttler
  • Denise Decker
  • Cherie Demopoulos
  • Liz Dewell
  • Bryan Goligoski
  • Geoff Grant
  • Jon Gura
  • Michael Jaffe
  • Sofie Langhorne
  • Brett Matthews
  • Kevin McTague
  • Mari Mender
  • Art Melton
  • Janet Rowse
  • Ann Scarborough
  • Jessica Schaeman
  • Chip Seigel
  • Ted Simmons
  • Meghan Stoll
  • Daphne Tebbe
  • Sherry Villanueva
  • Tony Wall